Streep An Oscar Lock For Doubt Performance

My favorite movie five were released towards the end of the year and all fall into the Don t miss class.. This year Oscar race will be tough. Hard to find a candidate for best actress, because there is only one, and lasts Meryl Streep close to a pick for best actor, because there are so many people.

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Eva Longoria Blows 2008 Away With Kisses From Beso

He been digitally remastered!. A few steps away, the club was charging $ 150 a space for their head so far made for revelers Robin Thicke. On the red carpet for Eva event was a super-looking Christopher Lambert old, a fully vamped-up Julie Benz (from Dexter) and Josh Henderson that has on his arm, a girl who resembled a technologically advanced Audrina Patridge. For those who happened to be in Hollywood for NYE, threw a Eva Longoria evening at her restaurant Beso in which Desperate Housewives actress played hostess.

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Paris Hilton Shops Through Recession

000 for hosting a New Year party with her sister Nicky and her new fake BFF Brittany Flickinger. The local press has given a lot of Flack Paris to spend $ 3844 in 40 minutes during a quick shopping in this economy. But in Julia Gillard Prime Minister came to the defense shopping recommending to recognize the Hilton Australia as a fashion and shopping destination. Hilton spent her New Year in Australia, where he was reportedly paid more than $ 100.

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Sugababes To Work With Rihanna And Beyonce Knowles Quot Producers

We d love to work with Cee-Lo from Gnarls Barkley - we met when we worked with [U.S. We will again be working with producers that I worked with Rihanna and Beyonce as re really looking forward to next year, he said in an interview. In mentioning that the band wants to work with them for the new album, Keisha also Cee-Lo puts on his wish list. Sugababe British girl group will be collaborating with the producers of power behind Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles hit single, according to the band member Keisha Buchanan. But it depends - if all goes well and we get a massive one, then, of course, we ll come back soon, he added. Keisha also notes his desire to begin recording sessions in February 2009. Producer] Dallas Austin and d love to do something with him, said Keisha.

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Glimpse Of Rings May Tell Real Story Of Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony Breakup Rumors

In recent months, the entries have been swirling that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony marriage was at breaking point after it appeared both separately without their wedding rings. But a flurry of photographs show the couple Friday with Anthony arm around both Lopez and ring wearing rings on their fingers left while attending the inauguration ceremony for the governor of Puerto Rico.

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